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Zhaojue Monastery

Zhaojue Monastery is a famous Buddhist temple in Sichuan Province, and is listed the national key Buddhist site. It was renowned as “the First Buddhist Temple” in West Sichuan.

 The Zhaojue Monastery was first built in the Zhenguan Era (627-649) of Tang Dynasty (618-907), and originally named Jianyuan. Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (reign: 712-756) granted it the name Zhaojue (Clear Awakening). In the Five Dynasties (907-960), Wangjian(847-918), the emperor of the former Shu Kingdom changed this name into Xuanhuayuan. Then Emperor Huizong of Song (1084-1135) renamed it Zhaojue. It was destroyed during the ending years of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In the second year of Kangxi Era of Qing Dynasty (1662), the then Buddhist dignitary Rev. Zhangxue fundraised and rebuilt it, who thus was honored as the founding patriarch of the reconstruction of the temple. In the forty-second year of Kangxi Era (1703), the Kangxi emperor granted the temple a plague which reads “Magnificent in the Dharma Realm”.

Zhaojue Monastery has played a significant role in the history of Chinese Buddhism and developed a lot of great monks and made great contributions to the cultural exchange between China and other countries. Even today, it is seen as the model for Buddhist temples in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Yuanwu Keqin, the grand master of Song Dynasty, headed the monastery twice. His writings, such as “Blue Cliff Records”, “Quotations of Yuanwu” have been listed as Buddhist classics in Japan. His calligraphy “Tea Zen Blindly” was taken into Japan more than 300 years ago, has since regarded as the most precious in Japanese tea ceremonies.

 The main buildings are the Mountain Gate, the Octagonal Pavilion, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Hall of Patriarchs, the Nirvana Hall, the Depository of Buddhist Sutra, and the Mausoleum of Yuanwu Keqin etc. In 1989, Rev. Qingding, the then abbot of Zhaojue Monastery rebuilt the Mahavira Hall, the Guanyin Pavilion, the Drum Tower, the Bell Tower, and the Prayer Hall, and made it one of the most magnificent and grandest temples in Southwest China.

Address: Zhaojue Monastery, No.333 Zhaoqing Road, Chengdu

Religion: Chinese Buddhism

Contact: Tel 028-83522137   Fax 028-83517177

(This information is provided by Zhaojue Monastery)