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Daci Monastery

Located in the downtown of Chengdu, Daci Monastery stands on a north-south axis, with Kangshi Street at the front and Daci Street of Shudu Avenue at the back. Daci Monastery was first built in the Wei and Jin Dynasties (220-420) and renowned as “the First Buddhist Temple Complex in Cathay”. In the fifth year of Wude Era of Tang (622), Dharma master Xuanzang received the full ordination to monkhood (Bhikkhu) here. Emperor Xuanzong of Tang who had fled the An-Shi Rebellion (755-763) from Chang’an to Chengdu, granted the stele which reads “the Holy Daci Temple” to the abbot Ying’gan. The following year, Master Wuxiang (Alaksana) patronized to extend this temple to the greatest complex with 96 courtyards and hundreds of murals in Chengdu. Daci Monastery has always been the powerhouse for Buddhist cultural exchange among China, Korea and Japan. In Tang dynasty (618-907), Prince Alaksana (Wuxiang) from Silla Kingdom travelled to China and Sichuan to study with senior monks, understood the essence of Buddhist Dharma, and lectured in wide audience in the temple. In Song dynasty (960-1279), Lanxi Daolong was tonsured here, and travelled to Japan to disseminate Chan teachings with dozens of disciples, who was granted the posthumous title Meditation Master Daikaku by Emperor Go-Uda after passing into Nirvana in 1278. During Tang and Song dynasties, Daci Monastery was vibrant and prosperous not only in Buddhism, its whereabouts gradually developed into commercial center where a night fair has continued to modern time. In the tenth year of Xuande of Ming (1435), Daci Monastery was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the beginning years of Qing dynasty (1636-1911) and in the sixth year of Tongzhi Era (1867). In April 8, 2004, Daci Monastery was reopened to the public after a major renovation. 

 Since its official reopening in 2004, Daci Monastery has been highly paid attention by the municipal government of Chengdu and greatly supported by all levels of society. In June, 2005, Dharma master Da’en was honored as the First Abbot of the renovated Daci Monastery.

In September, 2006, The Third Xuanzang International Conference was successfully held at Daci Monastery. In this year, the conference was listed as one of the ten academic topics for Chinese Religious Studies of 2006. In 2007, the Proceedings of the Third Xuanzang International Conference were published.

From the autumn of 2004 to July, 2012, Daci Monastery held three international symposiums on Wuxiang (Alaksana) which had nearly 100 scholars from China and Korea. The submitted 103 papers have already been edited into volumes.
In order to make a new cultural landmark of Chengdu, in 2007, the municipal government allocated 1.15-acre land to extend Daci Monastery. The renovated and extended Daci Monastery not only updates its facilities but also efficiently changes its layout and inner structures, and has become an international exchange-boosting powerhouse for religion, culture and travel.

Address: Daci Monastery, No.23 Daci Road, Jinjiang district, Chengdu

Religion: Chinese Buddhism

Contact: Tel 86658341   Fax 028-86674811

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