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Chengdu Profestant Light of Grace Church

Named at the beginning of British Methodist Gospel church. In 1933, changed its name to the chapel, is located in 17 Four Shrine North Street, Its predecessor was Canadan Methodist Mission. So far, one hundred and ten years of history.Is the most ancient church of Chengdu, Existing church has 90 years of history.          
Once when the president of the hall of foreign missionary have a Canadian: G.E Hartwell N.E.Dowles, K.J.Beation, James Neave, H.G.Brown, Howard J.Veals, G.W.Sparling, Alfred L.Day.  There are Chinese staff: Chunru-Zhang, Haiyun-Hu, Huiran-Liu, Wensi-Wang, Fangzhi-Hu,   Shiyi-Zhou, Shaoquan-Cheng, Suxian-Peng( women )
Qing Dynasty Guangxu seventeen years Canadians Missionary Group requested Rev.Virgl C.Hart(U.S. Methodist superintent of East China) to work with them. So he become this team leader.
Travelers have about Jenny and Canadian missionaries (G.E Hartwell) he couple, doctor like Dr.Stereson, Dr. O.L. Kilorn couple and Mrs.Jean Brown. Set out by Canada in November 1891, arrived in Shanghai, china.
Qing Dynasty Guangxu 18 years in February, Eight missionaries and along the river. The Chongqing on May 21. Arrived in Chengdu.renting houses began to preach in jade street.And opening day school and hospital.

In the second year of the Guangxu(1893,AD) site bought 19 years, Four shrines north street foundation.
After one year, In Guangxu 20 years(1894,AD) built a can accommodate one hundred people the Chinese style bungalow.Guangxu 21 years(1895,AD) on May 28, the Dragon Boat Festival, The change of Chengdu the church was destroyed. Financial was robbed. Missionaries seclusion in shanghai next to the Qing Dynasty government reparations reconstruction.
In 23 years Guangxu, 24 years (in 1897,AD 1898) has eight and nine people for a total of 17 people baptized  belong to the LORD.
Guangxu 26 years (1900, AD) the church by the Boxer uprising was again destroyed. In the Guangxu dynasty (AD 1901 ) in 27 years and rebuilt can accommodate 300 people in the church. However,In the years of the Republic of China (in 1918 AD), because missionaries in the expansion of the Church nearby houses was was damaged. For the third time Church was destroyed.
In nine years (AD 1920), a preacher of the republic of china to build a church,in addition to the destroyed the church reparations, and launched the “million brick” church building movement,wide collection of funds, building,built in the following year can accommodate thousands of people belong to the German Bavarian style architectural style of the church. The usable floor area of more than 1200 square meters.about 18 meters high,which by the missionaries and architect Rev.walter Small (Canada’s first ambassador to China the father of John) design supervisor.
Hall on the northern end of the top has a bell tower. The suspension away huge bell, this how said “The first church”.
Victory of the Anti-Japanese war in 1945, general Yuxiang-Feng the ball building and celebrate in the 60’s, during the cultural revolution,the bell tower was destroyed and occupied church. Church activities was forced to stop, there were 200 members at the that time.
To carry out the policy on freedom of religious belief in 1980, the state council , province,  government allocated money (RMB-188000 ¥) the refurbishment of the hall.
On August 1. 1983, completed in November 25 .1989.
Because the bell can’t find and can’t repair, the rest at the beginning.in the New year’s day 1989 to revive the church.Has received the United Nations human rights organization: The UK, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Malaysia,HongKong and Macao religious groups in many countries and regions,the church’s follow works.
The church at the same time open bible (Wednesday afternoon). Invocatory intercommunion (thursday afternoon),Reading (Friday afternoon),Youth Fellowship (saturday evening), Do serve (on the morning of the weekend).
Every week there are Christians in 800-1000 people attended, currently existing church pastor 3 people, the elders 2 people, lguty 40 people.       

(This information is provided by Chengdu Profestant Light of Grace Church)