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Shangxiang Protestant Church of Chengdu

Shangxiang Church is located at No.219 Shuncheng Street, in the northeast corner of Tianfu Square in the center of Chengdu, Sichuan Province (former No.98 Zhongxi Shuncheng Street, address of its front gate: No.20 Shangxiang Street). Formerly named as “ST. John Church”, it is the Cathedral of West Sichuan Diocese under the Anglican Church of China, where a bishop preached. It was Established with Furen Association in 1909 here, and resumed as a church on March 2, 1980; in 1992, it was renamed as Shangxiang Church of Chengdu. In 2007, it was completed of removal; on September 15, a cornerstone laying ceremony was held. On October 23, 2011, it was completed of construction and put into use. This church is domiciled by Chengdu Committee of Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches (hereafter referred to as “Chengdu TSPM”) and former SCC&TSPM in Sichuan; Sichuan Theological Seminary was once founded here as well.

The church as reconstructed occupies a land area at 4,552.49㎡ (whereof: the bottom of the architectural foundation measures at 1,610㎡, green land measures at 1,144㎡, roads and parking lot etc., measure at 1,798.46㎡). The new church measures at 8,641㎡ in construction floorage, whereof the main church measures at 8,238㎡, and the bell tower measures at 403㎡. As high as 31m, the main church accommodates over 2,000 people and is equipped with an elevator; as high as about 48m, the bell tower is equipped with a clock, a copper bell and mounted with a cross; it is equipped with an elevator and facilitated with a sightseeing platform. The exteriors of the church are totally decorated with stone curtain walls suspended as dry with exposed joints, just like “a strong rock, a house of defence” (Psalms 31:2).
This century-old church is one of the key religious program sites opened nationwide in China as the first group. An ancient dwelling is still reserved in its courtyard which was the bishop’s resident of the Anglican Church in west Sichuan Diocese. It has now become a cultural relic protected at provincial level. Under the strong support by the Municipal Committee and the People's Government of Chengdu City, it was completed of reinforcements and repairs as a whole in 2014. Chengdu TSPM is now preparing for constructing Chengdu Exhibition Centre of Christian Church here, for the purpose to totally exhibit the course of developments by the Christian Church in Chengdu, display the contributions by the Christian Church in Chengdu to support China’s economic constructions and social services, and to further enlarge the social influences by churches.
Note: SCC&TSPM means Sichuan Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement of Protestant Churches in Sichuan.

(This information is provided by  Shangxiang Protestant Church of Chengdu)