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Huang Cheng Mosque

 Situated at No.93 Yong Jing Street in Chengdu, Huang Cheng Mosque was built in the 5th  year of Emperor KangXi’s reign(1667A.D).and wrecked in the 6th year of the republic of China.

Though  it was reconstructed in the same year. It was subjected to severe damage during the cultural recolution. It was restored after the Third Plenary session  of the 11th CPC central committee and reopened in 1979. As a result  of the implementation of the ethnic policy.
According to the urban planning of Chengdu city: 1980-2000, the mosque was relocated from No.93 Yongjing Street to No.2  Xiao He Street.which was to the west side of Tian Fu Squee and rebuilt in August,1997.The new mosque covered an area of 6.173mu(5.234mu originally ),with a floor area of 5841sq.m.( 2473 sq.m. originally).Completed on June 30th 1988 and accepted on July 9th of the same year by Chengdu archiecture quality supervision station,the new mosque reched an excellent construction quality right the first time.

Still situated in the area of the former Huang Cheng Mosque ,the new one faces Tian Fu Squre in the city center. The architectur has four storeys ,with a symmetrical layout from north to south.it is situated in the west and oriented towards the east and is linked by courtyards of different sizes. The wing-rooms each constructed like sihe yuan,distributed both to the south and north,are used for management,lecture,display and meeting.The hall of prayer is located at the center of the mosque,with the bath rooms for men and women on the right side of the hall,the kichten and dinning room on the left,and the depositary of Buddist texts behind it,In addition,the minaret are on both sides of the front gate,the memorial room is at the north west corner of the ground floor and the east and west buildings are linked up with corridors. Basis on of the architectural standars of the Islamic mosque of Chinese-speaking people and the style of Ming and Qing Dynasts.the new mosque preserves the traditional features, and the courtyards are interinked with each other and with corridors.Because of the exquisite layout ,beautiful environment, and comprehensive functions, the mosque is praised to have building at the top national level by the media and the public.The late Imam An Shiwei former chairman of Chinese Islamic Association,inscribed the name of the mosque and Wan Yaobin,vice-chairman and also secretary general of Chinese Islamic Association inscrible  the Four Chinese characters "Liang Shi Ji Qing" on the front gate,which means “our lord ! give us in this world that which is good and in the hereafter that which is good ”adding much lasted to the mosque, Elegant and magnificent simple and dignified, Huang Cheng Mosque has attracted numerous tourists,and become a grand view of Tian Fu Squre.

Address: No.93 Yong Jing Street in Chengdu


(This information is provided by Huang Cheng Mosque )